Marjorie Schneider’s Biography
Art of Life

Marjorie Schneider has pursued mankind’s highest potential
from her formative years as a student through her adult career in the arts and education
and on to her advanced achievements as a professional, parent and philanthropist.

This has allowed Schneider to achieve new possibilities
not only in her own work and family but also as a humanitarian
in ways that have bridged old and new, business and philanthropy, self and other.

Marjorie Schneider has cultivated human excellence in herself and others throughout her life, developing special abilities to improve the lives of everyone whose life she has touched. To achieve this, in her own education Schneider pursued her degree in nothing other than education itself – but she did not stop there. Recognizing the arts as mankind’s highest means of expression, she went on to earn advanced qualifications as an expert in these fields: becoming internationally recognized for her knowledge of those things that make life meaningful and beautiful.

It was not Marjorie Schneider’s diplomas, though, but her special dedication to employing these skills and interests for the benefit of others that has allowed her to so greatly enhance the lives of everyone around her. And this vision of a life worth living has impacted not only those in her immediate circle, but also multitudes of people whom she likely will never meet. Thanks to a lifetime of inspiration, dedication and hard work, Marjorie Schneider is now one of the most knowledgeable and sought-after education, philanthropy, art and design professionals in America.

She rattles off the background of each artist of the present day or distant past as easily as the background of each horticultural treasure in her gardens and nurseries. Yet it is about the accomplishments of others that Marjorie Schneider speaks most proudly. Each of her interests is in support of others, all of her efforts are dedicated to that end, and thus each of her good deeds compounds a lifetime of achievements into a life ever-so worth living: one that can be a model all of us learn from.

Thanks to her commitment to promoting all that is beautiful in life, Marjorie Schneider also has engendered a profound love of humanity and its highest potential in her own family. As a result, each member of the Schneider family has likewise gone on to create their own remarkable reputations and legacies. The results have now included the launch of new global institutions to fulfill these aims of creating lives worth living. One of the most important of these has been The Apogee Foundation, dedicated to discovering, developing and celebrating human artistic excellence around the globe.

Marjorie Schneider and her husband – the revered physician Dr. Bernard Schneider – along with their children, Susan Schneider M.D. and Kenneth Schneider, Esq., have devoted their untiring efforts and worldwide resources to the building from green field and purest sources this international force for good. Dr. Susan Schneider has followed in both of her illustrious parents’ footsteps by becoming both an accomplished fine artist and a famous medical research scientist and practitioner. Attorney Kenneth Schneider, though, has taken the Schneider family in entirely new directions: becoming one of the world’s most accomplished international lawyers and negotiators while also creating a global media and technology firm, Aurience Ltd., designed to inspire people everywhere to fulfill their highest potential. All of these amazing people’s skills and interests have merged together into the formation of The Apogee Foundation.

In recognition of her inspiration in the formation of this organization, Marjorie Schneider was named one of Apogee’s inaugural directors, and to this day continues to serve as an arts and education advisor for the Foundation. Whereas Schneider’s children have followed in her footsteps when Kenneth Schneider undertook to serve as Apogee’s President and Susan Schneider agreed to serve serving as the Foundation’s Corporate Secretary. Thus Marjorie Schneider’s legacy continues. Where it may yet lead, we cannot know – we only know for sure that it will result in yet more of the highest that mankind can achieve.

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Richard Morrison is a journalist and a professional writer presently researching and writing about leaders in arts and culture around the world, of which his present series of articles on Marjorie Schneider, the Schneider family and The Apogee Foundation form a part.